I have to get my $40 worth

I am probably a little late to the party here. I had a Trumblr and I have a Medium account but I wanted one place to put, well, everything. Seems like my timing was good too since I read today that Medium is adding a $5 subscription tier that, at the moment offers, nothing. I was also quite concerned about what belongs to Medium once I post it on their site. I never read the terms of service for Medium but I’m sure there is some legal wizardry in there that says they own my blood, and should they ever want it to bathe in, I have to give it to them, all of it. Tumblr is, well, Tumblr… a friend of mine said it’s a good place to post naked pictures of myself should I choose to, I do not choose to, well, not there anyway.

My issue with accomplishing anything in life is financial motivation. A lack of it means I don’t try things. My first job as a work study student was editing video for professors to use in class, thing was, I had never edited video before. I taught myself how to do it in a weekend. I wanted money. I wasn’t good it at it, but my efforts were serviceable. On the flip side I’ve always wanted to learn to do 3D design but sadly I’ve never had a reason to motivate myself to do it. I looked at a a lot of websites on the subject and 20 years later I still don’t know how to create anything in Maya, or Blender, or Lightwave.

I want writing to be different. I’ve always wanted to write so now I’m going to do it. The reason is that I have to justify to my wife why I just spent $40 paying for a WordPress account. Voila! Financial motivation!

Author: adampkantor

I've always wanted to write.

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