A few observations after being off twitter for a few days.

1) There are have been a few times where I picked up my phone and automatically looked to load the twitter app. Thankfully, I removed the app but my thumb went right to where it was automatically. I even mindlessly clicked the twitter link on my browser so I removed that as well.

2) Without social media on my phone I use my phone a lot less. There have been moments where I pickup my phone, look at it, and wonder why I’m doing that because there’s no notifications or new updates. It’s just a reflex action of pick up phone and stare at it because there’s always something new on social media. Also, my battery now lasts forever, yesterday when I went to bed it was still at over 80%!

3) Turns out I actually hate politics. I thought I was interested in politics, but it turns out I was only interested in the sense out outrage it causes when delivered through twitter. This week I’ve actually had time to read long form articles about what’s happening in American politics and I didn’t feel outrage, I felt tremendous sadness. Consequently, I unfollowed my news sources in Feedly and I plan to unfollow any sort of political people when I go back on twitter. What the world needs more than anything right now is some happiness and joy so I’ve decided not to add any more fuel to the fire and instead I’m just going to post funny quips and stuff, no more politics.

4) I’ve actually been reading more. I used to sit down to read and check twitter first, then 30-45 minutes later I’d start reading. Sometimes I’d even stop reading for a while just to go back and check twitter again. Now I find myself more focused on what I’m reading because there’s no distractions.

5) I’m actually writing this 🙂 If I wasn’t taking a break… I’d probably be on twitter, right… now.

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